Title: Two-Chromatic Printing Creates Skin-Inspired Geminate Patterns Featuring Crosstalk-Free Chemical and Physical Colors

AuthorXiaojun Liu, Shuzhen Cui, Lang Qin*, Yanlei Yu*

Journal: Adv. Optical Mater., 2023, 2302573


Skin-inspired optical materials that combine both chemical and physical colors provide enhanced information capacity for potential applications in optical multiplexing and anti-counterfeiting technologies. However, the existing materials suffer from the limitations of an extremely narrow gamut and incompatibility with universal patterning methods to program dual-mode images. Here, novel two-chromatic printing technology is proposed to create full-color, high-resolution, and geminate patterns by newly designed fluorescent liquid crystal nanocomposites. Such nanocomposites consist of porous cholesteric liquid crystal networks embedded with core–shell CdSe/ZnS quantum dots to produce extended wide color palettes of both photoluminescence and Bragg reflection. The drop-on-demand two-chromatic printing technology simultaneously enables the construction and patterning of the nanocomposites in a high-precision way, orthogonally tuning the hues of two color palettes according to Grassmann's and Bragg's law. Therefore, the combination of different color generation mechanisms offers a versatile toolbox, which can be generalized to pigmentary, photonic, and even dynamic optical materials.


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本工作结合量子点、液晶混晶和多孔的胆甾相液晶聚合物网络设计了一种荧光液晶纳米复合材料。其中,核壳结构CdSe/ZnS量子点提供荧光色,液晶混晶用于调控胆甾相液晶聚合物网络的周期性分子排列改变反射波长。由于多孔的聚合物网络稳定液晶分子排列的同时为量子点预留空间,保证了荧光色和反射波长的独立调控。借助高精度喷墨打印技术逐步将量子点和液晶混晶选择性地引入聚合物网络中编辑图案,依据色光混合定律调控荧光色覆盖sRGB色域,遵循布拉格定律调控反射波长覆盖可见光区域,最终构筑全彩、高分辨率(300 dpi)反射/荧光双重标签。该工作突破了荧光液晶材料荧光颜色少、液晶分子排列和分布难以局部精确调控的限制,为荧光材料和光子晶体的双重图案化开拓了全新的发展思路。