Representatives of Our Group Participated in the "9th China Microfluidics Cutting-edge Academic Forum and the 2nd International Microfluidics Industry Forum"
Time:2022-09-05        Views:76

On September 2-4, 2022, the '9th China Microfluidics High-end Academic Forum and the 2nd International Microfluidics Industry Forum' was held in Grand New Century Hotel Zhejiang Radio & TV. This 'Double Forum' adheres to the organization concept of 'Frontier, Focused, High-end' and focuses on the core technology research of microfluidic chips and its application in single-cell analysis, organ chips, POCT, chemical synthesis and other fields. It aims to enhance the cooperation and exchange between microfluidic chip workers and enterprises, and continuously promote the development of microfluidic chip discipline and industrialization.

At this meeting, Professor Yanlei Yu gave an invited report entitled "Photodeformable Liquid Crystal Polymers and New Technologies of Photo-controlled Microfluidics", which fully demonstrated the academic accumulation and achievements of our group in new technology of photo-controlled microfluidics.