Representatives of Our Team Participated in the "2022 Cross Strait And Hong Kong Macao Academic Seminar On Polymer Liquid Crystal State and Supramolecular Ordered Structure" and Won the Excellent Poster Award
Time:2022-09-01        Views:69

“2022 Cross Strait and Hong Kong Macao Academic Seminar on Polymer Liquid Crystal State and Supramolecular Ordered Structure” — The 16th National Polymer Liquid Crystal State and Supramolecular Ordered Structure Academic Paper Report Meeting organized by the Chinese Chemical Society were held at Radisson Plaza Hangzhou from August 28 to 31. The main contents of the conference focused on the synthesis and molecular design of liquid crystal polymers, the self-assembly and molecular recognition of supramolecular systems, and the construction and characterization of polymer ordered structures and so on, which summarized and prospected the research in the field of liquid crystal and supramolecular structures in China.

At this meeting, Professor Yanlei Yu of our group made an invitation report entitled "Photodeformable Liquid Crystal Polymer and Optically Controlled Microfluidic Chip"; Associate Professor Jia Wei gave an invitation report entitled "Molecular Design and Performance Regulation of Photodeformable Linear Liquid Crystal Polymers"; Lang Qin, a young teacher, gave an oral report entitled "Spiral Super Structure Photonic Crystal and Its Patterning". In addition, Haozhe Sun, a master's student, gave a poster display entitled "Light/humidity Responsive Deformation of Polyethylene Glycol/Azobenzene Liquid Crystal Copolymer", the poster of Haozhe Sun stood out among many submitted posters and won the Excellent Poster Award, which perfectly demonstrated the style of our teachers and students and their achievements in relevant fields.