2022 Summer Home Party(Team Building at Disneyland)
Time:2022-08-30        Views:58

With COVID-19 in Shanghai steadily improving, on the last weekend of August, our group went to the 'Happiest place on earth' - Disneyland for team building, and spent three days and two nights in the nearby villa for summer home party! The summer-themed float party, Pirates of the Caribbean, Seven Dwarfs, and many other IP projects let us enjoy the beauty of the fairy tale world. When we heard the familiar melody and saw the familiar characters in the final light fireworks show, and then the colorful fireworks exploded in the dark sky, our hearts were full of emotion, satisfaction and happiness!

 Interactive games, hi-sing KTV, buffet barbecue, and various team-building activities were overwhelming. The seafood dinner and frog meat fish head cooked by Yao Lu made everyone praise. I believe the good time spent together will make the group members more closely together and let us make concerted progress in the future!