Prof. Yanlei Yu Attended 2022 "Chinese Journal of Chemistry Online Forum" on Invitation
Time:2022-06-06        Views:55

Since March 26, 2022, Chinese Journal of Chemistry (CJC) held the "Chinese Journal of Chemistry Online Forum" on each Saturday, with CJC Editor-in-Chief Prof. Shengming Ma as the conference chair and CJC Associate Editor Prof. Yulan Chen of Jilin University as the chair of this sub-forum. The forum focuses on analytical chemistry, energy chemistry, organic chemistry and polymer chemistry, and invites active scholars in corresponding fields to share their latest research. Professor Yanlei Yu of our group was invited to give a report entitled 'Photodeformable liquid crystal polymer and new technology of light-controlled microfluidics', starting from the general background of smart society, briefly describing the intelligent deformation of liquid crystal polymer materials. Meanwhile, the report focused on the new generation of high-performance photodeformable liquid crystal polymers developed by our group and its work on fully photo-controlled microfluidic transport and fully photo-controlled protein detection chip, which was unanimously affirmed by the participating experts/scholars and the online audience.