Prof. Yanlei Yu Attended 2022 BAAI CONFERENCE on Invitation
Time:2022-06-02        Views:120

BAAI CONFERENCE was held for the first time in October 2019, with previous guests including 8 Turing Award winners, aiming to build the world's artificial intelligence academic highland. Starting from a multi-scientific background, it discusses how to design, develop and apply intelligent matter at this stage, bringing new ideas to materials science. Professor Yanlei Yu of our group was invited to give a report entitled 'Smart Liquid Crystal Polymer Materials' at the special forum of 'Material Basis of Intelligence', starting from smart society and smart materials, briefly describing the unique advantages and broad application of smart liquid crystal polymer materials. Meanwhile, the report focused on the new generation of high-performance photodeformable liquid crystal polymers developed by our group and its work on fully photo-controlled microfluidic transport and fully photo-controlled protein detection chip, which is expected to provide a solid material foundation and technology for the 'Internet of Things'. This online report has benefited everyone a lot.

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