The whole chronicle of our group's 2022 battle against the "COVID-19"
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Since 8:00 pm on March 13, 2022, Jiangwan Campus has started the campus quasi-closed management, but the members of our group are still carrying out the corresponding work in an orderly manner. Pro. Yanlei Yu, as the head of the department, inspects department's laboratories in the Advanced Materials building once in the morning and evening to ensure safety. On March 30, when an epidemic broke out on the campus, teachers and students were sealed in the corresponding dormitories, and the scientific research came to an abrupt end. Many teachers and students in our group actively incarnated as 'Dabai' volunteers, fully demonstrating the advanced nature of 'I am a Communist and I go first'. Pro. Yanlei Yu took the lead in carrying out the transfer of suppliers from campus to dormitory, ensuring the daily needs of the students. At the same time, the research group ensured continuous online research. Students discussed in groups according to different subject directions, and successfully held an online graduation defence.

Fig.1 Students in our group carry out experiments in an organized manner

Fig. 2 Pro. Yanlei Yu (first from left) instructs students to do experiments

On May 7, the campus epidemic prevention achieved phased results. The students in our group actively applied for transfer to the laboratory, overcame a series of difficulties such as eating, sleeping, and washing in the laboratory building. Under the leadership of Mr. Yu, making a good closing for two national projects (the construction of new intelligent liquid crystal polymer materials and bio-microfluidic chips, an all-light-controlled protein marker BNP/NT-proBNP instant detection device), and preparing for the participation in the application of 4D printing smart materials national key research program.

Fig. 3 Students with luggage transferred to the Advanced Materials Building

Fig. 4 Volunteers in our group participate in campus meal delivery service

The days when students cannot enter the lab become a 'settling-in period' for them to sort out various aspects of their research, communicate with each other, and help each other. As the Jiangwan campus returns to quasi-closed management on June 1, the students in our group will meet again in the laboratory. We will not stop fighting the epidemic, and will not stop researching!