Graduation defense of the 22nd session——Congratulations to the graduates of the 22nd session!
Time:2022-05-23        Views:85

On May 23, 2022, due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, the 22nd doctoral and master's thesis defense meeting of our group was held online.

Doctoral students Yan Chen and Shuzhen Cui took the lead in the defense of their doctoral thesis in the morning. The defense committee was composed of Professor Quan Li (Chairman) of Southeast University, Professor Tianxi Liu of Jiangnan University, Xiaoyu Huang Research Institute of Shanghai Institute of organic Sciences, Professor Daoyong Chen and Fuyou Li of Fudan University. In the meeting, the two students summed up their work attractively, which was unanimously affirmed by the Defense Committee.

In the afternoon, Xin Huang and Yu Liu, the postgraduates of our group, defended their master's thesis. Professor Qian Zhao (Chairman) of Zhejiang University, senior engineer Bo Xu of Croda, Professor Min Chen and Associate Professor Meng Chen of Fudan University attended the meeting as the defense members. The graduation defense of the two master students is logical and rich in content, which has been generally approved by the defense experts.

Although the epidemic has separated people from each other in their own homes, their enthusiasm for scientific research has never cooled down. Congratulations to the graduates of the 22nd session!