Prof. Yanlei Yu Attended "Huaxuejia Online Public Welfare Forum" on Invitation
Time:2022-05-28        Views:54

'Huaxuejia Online Public Welfare Forum' is a live broadcast program launched in April 2022 on the basis of the previous offline annual summits of Huaxuejia. Every Saturday from 14:00 to 16:30, the forum will be live broadcast under the Huaxuejia video account. It runs through the industrial chain closely related to the frontier chemistry in the fields of the chemical industry, pharmaceutical daily chemical, new material, and new energy. Professor Yanlei Yu of our group was invited to give a report entitled 'Let Liquid Crystal Dance with Light', starting from smart materials, briefly introducing the development process of liquid crystal, describing the mechanism of photodeformable liquid crystal, and related work. Meanwhile, linear liquid crystal polymer initiated in our group and its work in all-optical-controlled microfluidics was highlighted. This online report has benefited everyone a lot and won unanimous praise from the audience and netizens.

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