Representatives from our research group attended the "Chinese Materials Conference 2022-2023"
Time:2023-07-14        Views:10

The "Chinese Materials Conference 2022-2023" was held from July 8th to 10th, 2023, at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. This conference focused on cutting-edge materials science and technology, covering five major themes: Energy Materials, Environmental Materials, Advanced Structural Materials, Functional Materials, and Materials Design, Preparation, and Evaluation. It is the highest academic level conference in the field of new materials in China, with the widest coverage and the most up-to-date frontier dynamics. With over ten thousand attendees, it serves as a high-level branded event aimed at addressing national demands and promoting significant breakthroughs in the forefront of new materials.

During the conference, Professor Yanlei Yu from our group delivered a keynote presentation titled 'Photoresponsive Smart Shape-Morphing Liquid Crystal Polymer Actuators.' Under the guidance of young faculty Lang Qin, doctoral student Xiaojun Liu gave an oral presentation on 'Liquid Crystal Photonic Crystal Materials.' Both presentations generated keen interest and active discussions among the attendees. Additionally, Associate Professor Jia Wei and doctoral students Lixin Jiang, Yanfu Tang, Xiaojun Liu, as well as master's student Xin Zhao from our group, presented their research findings through poster exhibitions, showcasing the excellence and achievements of our group.

This conference not only provided an opportunity for faculties and students of our team to gain in-depth knowledge of the latest developments and research trends in the field of materials science but also offered a valuable platform for us to share experiences and exchange ideas with fellow scholars. This conference has greatly benefited everyone involved.