Congratulations to the graduates of the 23rd cohort, Yao Lu, Bo Peng, and Yaoqing Feng, for receiving the title of Outstanding Graduates!
Time:2023-06-30        Views:18

Congratulations to Mr. Yao Lu, a Ph.D. graduate of the 23rd cohort, for receiving the title of Outstanding Graduate from Shanghai's Ordinary Higher Education Institutions! Congratulations to Mr. Bo Peng, a Ph.D. graduate, and Ms. Yaoqing Feng, a master's graduate, for receiving the title of Outstanding Graduate from Fudan University! This recognition is a testament to their outstanding performance during their time at the university and fills our research group with pride!

Throughout their graduate studies, these exceptional graduates have tackled challenging research problems with enthusiasm and unwavering determination, achieving remarkable accomplishments. They have diligently explored and pioneered new paths in the laboratory, employing innovative thinking and rigorous approaches to overcome various obstacles. Furthermore, their mentors have provided invaluable academic guidance and life insights, drawing upon their rich research experience and expertise.

On this note, our research group extends heartfelt congratulations to these exceptional graduates! Their diligence and perseverance serve as beacons of inspiration for other students, motivating us all to strive for excellence.