Representatives from Our Team Participated in the "2023 National Academic Symposium on Macromolecule" and Won the Excellent Poster Award
Time:2023-10-18        Views:33

The 2023 National Academic Symposium on Macromolecule was held in Wuhan Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center from October 13 to 17. With the theme of ‘Molecular aggregation, science and technology self-reliance’, the conference focused on the important role of polymer science and technology in the national economy and society in the new era, and intensively displayed the research achievements and development trends in the field of polymer science and materials in China in recent years. The conference also provided a broad academic and technical exchanging platform for technologists, educators, industrial workers and young students engaged in research and development in this field, with the goal of promoting the sustainable development and innovation of polymer science in China, improving the cross-cutting and cutting-edge research level of polymer related disciplines, docking major national needs, overcoming core key technical problems, and promoting the transformation of scientific research results.

On the conference, Professor Yanlei Yu of our group gave an opening speech for the sub-conference on the theme of ‘Bionics and intelligent polymers’, and made an invitation report entitled '4D printed bionic gradient deformation liquid crystal elastomer actuator'. Dr. Lang Qin, a young teacher of our group, gave an oral report entitled 'Patterning of skin inspired florescent cholesteric liquid crystals'. Doctoral students Xiaojun Liu, Lixin Jiang, Feng Pan and master student Xin Zhao made wall poster presentations, respectively. Among them, the work of Xiaojun Liu and Lixin Jiang stood out among the 3547 submitted posters and were selected as the Excellent Poster Award of this symposium, which fully demonstrated the academic competence and elegance of the students in our group.