2023 Hangzhou Spring-outing Team building
Time:2023-05-24        Views:55

Spring is in full bloom and everything is revived. Our research group went to Hangzhou for a three-day student team-building activity from May 21st to 23rd, 2023. During this period, we not only appreciated the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou, tasted the characteristic food of Hangzhou, but also participated in various interesting entertainment projects and spent an unforgettable time together.

On the 21st, we hired a car to a villa homestay in the mountains and enjoyed a homemade hot pot feast. We had a party in the villa and played games such as KTV, billiards, e-sports and mahjong, which enhanced our friendship and mutual understanding.

On the 22nd, we went to Hangzhou Songcheng Scenic Area and experienced the customs and culture of the Song Dynasty. We visited various ancient buildings and folk performances in Songcheng, and watched the shocking Songcheng Eternal Love large-scale live performance, which moved and shocked us deeply. We also tasted the characteristic food of Hangzhou and felt the charm and history of Hangzhou.

On the 23rd, we went to West Lake Scenic Area and admired the beautiful scenery of Feilai Peak and the historical attractions of Lingyin Temple. Lingyin Temple, with its unique environment and profound historical heritage, has brought students a unique experience that blends with nature and culture. Stepping into the temple's courtyard, students feel as if they have entered a secluded paradise, surrounded by lush trees and crystal-clear lake waters. This serene setting creates an ideal atmosphere for team activities, allowing students to be more focused and engaged. During the team-building activities, students actively participate in various culturally enriching experiences. They visit the cultural heritage sites of the temple, immersing themselves in its rich history and profound Buddhist culture. They engage in Buddhist meditation, finding inner peace and wisdom through breath and mindfulness. They also take part in traditional cultural practices such as tea ceremonies and calligraphy. These activities not only deepen students' understanding of Buddhist culture but also ignite their creativity and wisdom, infusing our group with renewed energy and insights.

Through this team-building activity, we not only enhanced our feelings and tacit understanding among our peers, but also expanded our horizons and knowledge, and gained happiness and growth. We thank the teachers of our research group for their support and arrangements, and also thank every student for their active participation. We look forward to the next team-building activity, and also look forward to our research group achieving more achievements and honors in the field of scientific research.