Graduation defense of the 23rd session——Congratulations to the graduate Xuejie Sun for passing the dissertation defense successfully!
Time:2023-05-19        Views:54

At 2 pm on May 18, 2023, the dissertation defense of Xuejie Sun, the 23rd Doctor of our group, was held in Conference Room 317, Advanced Materials Building, Jiangwan Campus, Fudan University.

The defense committee was composed of Research Fellow Xiaoyu Huang (Chairman), Shanghai Organic Institute; Prof. Decheng Wan, Tongji University; Prof. Ming Jin, Tongji University; Prof. Wuli Yang, Fudan University; and Prof. Min Chen, Fudan University.

Xuejie Sun systematically summarized her work on photodeformable polyimides containing azobenzene on side chains. She used azobenzene isomerization and free volume change to achieve UV and blue light dual response deformation of amorphous polyimides, and constructed a variety of polyimide actuators through shape memory/blue light shaping. Her data during her doctor's degree is substantial and logically complete, which was unanimously affirmed by the defense committee.

In the final announcement of the decision, Xuejie Sun thanked her supervisor, Professor Yanlei Yu and Associate professor Jia Wei, Teacher Lang Qin and students in the research group, and the defense committee.

Congratulations to the 23rd Doctor graduate Xuejie Sun for passing the defense successfully!