Postdoctoral recruitment information for Photoresponsive Polymer Research Group, Department of Materials, Fudan University (long-term retention)
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[About the Research Group]

The light-responsive polymer research group of the Department of Materials is principally engaged in the research and development of photodeformable liquid crystal polymer materials and light-responsive smart interface materials. The research group runs the platform for synthesis, characterization, and performance test of light-responsive polymer materials, and undertakes more than 10 important national, provincial and ministerial programs like the National 863 Program, the key, general and youth foundations of NSFC, the Doctoral Station Foundation (for doctoral supervisors) of the Ministry of Education, etc.

[Research Orientation]

(1) Photodeformable liquid crystal polymer materials: Various three-dimensional deformations such as reversible light-induced bending, twisting, rotation are realized with the independently synthesized light-responsive liquid crystal polymer materials; rational mechanical structure design and device processing are performed to assemble all-light-driven flexible micro-robots, micro-pumps, micro-valves, and other devices.

(2) Light-responsive smart interface materials: Light-responsive functional interface materials are constructed from light-responsive polymers; studies are performed on molecular design, microstructure, accurate control, and optically functional materials; light-controlled transfer of trace liquid is actualized and its application in controllable microfluidic devices is studied.

[Basic Requirements of Recruitment]

1. Holding doctor's degrees in polymer materials, materials science, and other related sciences, and having keen interest in above-noted research orientations of the research group.

2. Favorable English reading and writing skills; having published English papers on related topics.

3. Capable of carrying out scientific research independently; diligent and dependable; spirit of teamwork and exploration; certain abilities of management and coordination.

[Terms of Employment]

Terms of employment as per the regulations of Fudan University on post-doctoral fellows; the research group will offer subsidies based on research progress and contributions.

[Application Information]

Applicants are expected to send their application information (resumes and complete representative papers) to

[Recruitment Time] Long-term retention.