Congratulations to Dr. Lang Qin of Our Group for Receiving the Financial Support from Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Incentive Program 2018
Time:2019-06-26        Views:137

For the latest funding list of Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Incentive Program 2018, Dr. Lang Qin of our research group was unanimously recognized by the judges and experts from various organizations for his excellent scientific research ability and favorable potential for scientific research; he stood out from the crowd of applicants and won the financial support from Shanghai Super Postdoctoral Incentive Program (publicity link:

It is reported that only 264 people received financial support from the program. Each selected postdoctoral fellow under the Super Postdoctoral Program will receive RMB 150,000 per year from Shanghai Special Fund for Promoting Talent Development for a total of 2 years. The ability to obtain financial support from the Program fully demonstrates Dr. Lang Qin's excellence in scientific research. Congratulations, Dr. Lang Qin! It is hoped that he will forge ahead and create more glories in the following post-doctoral stage!