Works of Our Group Shown at the 21st China International Industry Fair
Time:2019-10-26        Views:64

On September 17-21, 2019, the student representatives of our group participated in the 21st China International Industry Fair held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai); the exhibition received more than 2,600 exhibitors and over 170,000 professional visitors. Shanghai Industry Fair consists of nine specialized exhibits, including the exhibition on application of information and communication technologies, the robot exhibition, the NEVs & ICVs exhibition, the aeronautics and astronautics technologies exhibition, etc. 'All relevant types of exhibits from all walks of life' is an important feature of Shanghai Industry Fair. Each exhibition is full of characteristics and focused on industrial cutting-edge technologies in diversified themes.

The color 'photonic ink' for reflective display developed by postdoctoral fellow Lang Qin, doctoral student Shuzhen Cui and master student Xiaojun Liu of our group and the variable-color pressure sensitive liquid-crystal writing pad developed based on that material were displayed at the booth of Fudan University. The dazzling colors of the exhibits attracted many visitors; they stopped and left notes on the writing board.

The writing pad fabricated based on such 'photonic ink' features 'handwriting, electric erasing, and light-driven color modulation'. For the first time, multi-color handwriting was realized with one ink throughout the process. Clear writing marks could be left on the panel by simply pressing it gently. The handwriting can be erased with one touch by applying a voltage. Moreover, the panel color can be flexibly adjusted with different light sources so that handwriting in different colors is available in any area. In addition, the liquid crystal 'photonic ink' developed for this project exhibits huge market potentials in the fields such as anti-counterfeit labels, light-erasable liquid crystal blackboards and flexible smart wearables.

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