Representatives from Our Team Attend the "32nd CCS Congress" and Win Excellent Poster Award
Time:2021-04-23        Views:252

The 32nd CCS Congress was held in Zhuhai during April 19-22, 2021. With the theme being 'Empower Chemistry · Empower the Future', the Congress has 57 sessions in total. It showed the research result and development trend of chemical science in our country in recent years, and offered a great academic and technology exchange platform for the workers who make research in S&T, education and other industries as well as the young students.

At the congress, Prof. Yanlei Yu from the Department of Materials Science, Fudan University, delivered a speech titled 'Liquid Crystal Polymer with Feature of Photoinduced Deformation and Light-controlled Microfluidic Chip'. In addition, Chongyu Zhu from our team talked about 'Light-controlled Triple Shape Memory of Azobenzene Linear Polymer', and young teacher Lang Qin and doctoral students Xiaojun Liu, Shuzhen Cui and Jinlei Wang made posters. Among the entries, Jinlei Wang's poster was granted the Excellent Poster Award, showing the academic features and ability of the students in our group.