Review Written by Dr. Zhongxu Lan of our group was awarded the 2020 Excellent Paper of "JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS"
Time:2021-12-27        Views:122

A few days ago, the editorial department of 'JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS' sent a notice that the article 'Recent Progress in Colorless and Transparent Polyimide with High Thermal Stability' written by Dr. Zhongxu Lan of our group was awarded as an excellent paper in 2020 by 'JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS'.

After the preliminary screening of the editorial department; voting by the editor-in-chief and associate Editor; ranking the citation frequency, download frequency, and click volume of the article, a total of 8 excellent papers were selected this time. Congratulations to Dr. Zhongxu Lan, Prof. Jia Wei and Yanlei Yu!


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