Postdoctoral recruitment information for Yanlei Yu's research group, Department of Materials, Fudan University (long-term retention)
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To address the requirements of scientific research, Prof. Yanlei Yu's research group, Department of Materials Science, Fudan University plans to recruit postdoctoral researchers. With strong support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Shanghai Municipal Government, the research group has established and run its sophisticated platform for synthesis, characterization, and performance testing of photo-responsive polymer materials.

[About Supervisor]

Yanlei Yu is a professor of the Department of Materials Science, Fudan University, a Special-term Professor certified by the Ministry of Education as a Yangtze River Scholar, and a winner of the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars. Prof. Yu published over 100 SCI papers in scholarly journals like Nature, J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Adv. Mater., Nat. Commun., etc. She serves as the advisory editorial board member of Langmuir and the editorial board member of scholarly journals such as European Polymer Journal, Journal of Materials Science & Technology, and Journal of Functional Polymers.

[Research Orientation of the Research Group]

1. Photo-responsive smart materials: The design, synthesis, processing, and modification of novel photo-responsive liquid crystal materials, and their extended applications in photo-controlled microactuators, flexible robots, micro-optomechanical systems, etc.

2. Smart microfluidics: Use smart materials to optimize the construction of smart microfluidic systems; bring the system into practical applications in biochemical analysis, clinical test, portable medical technologies, and other fields by means of automated, digital, and information controls; stimulate the evolution of the system towards integration, portability, and intellectualization.

3. Bionic medical engineering: Construct bionic organization structures like artificial muscles, artificial vision systems, etc. from smart materials; evaluate and improve the biocompatibility of materials, and expand their applications in biology, clinical medicine, and other fields.

[Criteria and Requirements for Applicants]

1. Holders of Ph.D. degrees in biology, materials, polymers, automation, and other related disciplines; the candidates who can effectively combine their majors with the interests of the research group are preferred.

2. Rich experience in the preparation and functional evaluation of biomedical polymer materials; or good foundation in the development and application of microfluidic systems and intelligent analytical instruments.

3. Favorable English reading and writing skills and literature retrieval skills.

4. Rigorous, responsible, diligent, and steadfast; the spirit of teamwork and exploration; optimistic and positive; certain abilities of management and coordination.

5. Aged 35 or below; Ph.D. degree received 3 years or less ago.

[Terms of Employment]

The research group will provide excellent conditions for scientific research and steady support for the chosen ones, and will provide appropriate terms of personal employment as per the regulations of Fudan University on postdoctoral research, in the following aspects:

1. Pay

As per the policies of Fudan University on postdoctoral management; the first employment period of the contract should be 2 years; further employment is dependent on the assessment results and the willingness of both parties. The annual pay is up to RMB 400,000+ (excluding the scientific research fund) during the employment; the research group will provide additional subsidies based on competence and contributions to the group. Furthermore, the research group will actively support and guide postdoctoral applicants and postdoctoral fellows-in-stations to apply for various postdoctoral talent support programs.

2. Residence

Upon the applicant's request, Fudan University will offer one- or two-bedroom apartments near the campus at a more favorable rent rate.

3. Personal Development Program

The research group will provide postdoctoral fellows with personal career enhancement programs with the following coverage:

(1) Offering personal academic training and guidance for career development planning;

(2) Fudan University will encourage those who have an outstanding postdoctoral performance to stay on campus for career development;

(3) Actively supporting and guiding postdoctoral fellows to apply for the postdoctoral science fund, and the financial support from National Natural Science Foundation of China - Youth Science Foundation, and related foundations of Shanghai, etc.;

(4) Actively supporting postdoctoral fellows to attend high-level academic conferences at home and abroad;

(5) Actively recommending excellent postdoctoral fellows to receive further studies in prestigious foreign universities.

[Application Information]

Interested applicants should send their application information (detailed resume and list of representative papers) to We will reply to the qualified applicants and arrange an interview as soon as possible.

[Recruitment Time]

Long-term retention.