Title: A Photoorganizable Triple Shape Memory Polymer for Deployable Devices

AuthorJiahao Sun, Bo Peng, Yao Lu, Xiao Zhang, Jia Wei, Chongyu Zhu*, Yanlei Yu

Journal: Small, 2022, 18(9), 2106443


Inspired by the action and healing process from living organisms, developing deployable devices using stimuli-responsive materials, or “smart” deployable devices, is desired to realize remote-controlled programmable deformation with additional in situ repair to perform multiple tasks while extending their service life in aerospace. In this work, a photoorganizable triple shape memory polymer (POTSMP) is reported, which is composed of an azobenzene-containing thermoplastic polyurethane. Upon UV and visible illumination, this POTSMP performs arbitrary programming of two temporary shapes and precise and stepwise shape recovery, exhibiting various temporary shapes adapted to different aerospace applications. On the other hand, rapid light-reconfiguration in seconds, including light-reshaping and light-welding, is achieved in response to UV irradiation, allowing in situ localized process and repair of permanent shape. Combining these photoorganizable operations, deformable devices with complex 2D/3D structures are facilely manufactured with no need of special molds. It is envisioned that this POTSMP can expand the potential of photoresponsive TSMPs in smart deployable devices.

Fulltext Link: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/smll.202106443

This paper reported a photoorganizable triple shape memory polymer (POTSMP), which is composed of an azobenzene-containing thermoplastic polyurethane. Through introducing the photoswitchable Tg effect and photothermal-induced hydrogen bond dissociation network, the POTSMP can be arbitrarily programmed into two temporary shapes under UV and visible light irradiation. On the other hand, crystalline domains are applicable as the physical crosslinking netpoints, which enables more rapid reconfiguration, situ localized and repair process of permanent shape through the melting and recrystallizing process (typically within seconds) by photothermal effect.