Returning to alma mater and sharing experiences——The graduate exchange meeting was successfully held
Time:2023-04-02        Views:143

On April 1, 2023, the face-to-face series of activities of 'Pilotage Made' continued in Conference Room 221 of the Advanced Materials Building. Many outstanding alumni from this group returned to their alma mater and had a warm sharing and discussion with professors and students.

Firstly, Senior Brother Jiu'an Lv, a PhD graduate of our group at the 11th level, a postdoctoral fellow at the 2016 level, and currently a distinguished researcher in the Intelligent Polymer Research Team of the School of Engineering at Westlake University, shared his current research direction and progress, including using the inspiration of natural organisms such as spiders and water bugs to prepare integrated flexible polymer intelligent deformation devices, which expanded the research ideas for the students in the research group. Subsequently, Senior Brother Zhen Jiang, a Grade 11 master's degree graduate of our group and currently a researcher and doctoral supervisor at the University of Wollongong in Australia, also introduced his current research progress and stimulated the students' research enthusiasm by sharing his skills and methods for solving problems in the scientific research process. Then, the students in this group also introduced their research directions in the group, which were also recognized by the graduating senior brothers.

Subsequently, alumni who chose employment after graduation also shared their successful experiences in their work positions. First of all, Senior Brother Futao Cheng, a 07 year doctoral graduate of our group who was previously engaged in automotive paint product development at DuPont China Co., Ltd. and currently heads the Asia Pacific Paint and Resin Department of BASF China Co., Ltd., introduced his work insights over the past 13 years of employment, and thanked teachers for their past cultivation on his life path. Through interactive ways, he taught the students simple interview skills. Subsequently, Senior Brother Wei Wu, a PhD graduate of 2009, encouraged the students to continue studying in the direction they were interested in by sharing his eight years of work experience in Japan. Next, Mr. Wei Wang, a 2009 master's degree graduate who is now the chief editor and deputy editor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press; Senior Brother Jin Wu, a Grade 10 master's degree graduate currently serving as the operation manager of Shanghai Beno Electronics, also helps students find their own future career directions from the perspective of how to choose a career. Afterwards Senior Brother Yang Li, a Grade 10 master's degree graduate, currently a young researcher at the Yiwu Research Institute of Fudan University, and founder of the 'National High and New Technology Enterprise' Zhuhai Hanlong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., described the difficulties he encountered in the entrepreneurial process from the three parts of 'industrialization, scientific research, and administration', providing very important guidance for students on how to create value in the limited time. Finally, Senior Brother Bo Xu, a PhD graduate of 2015 and currently working at Croda Corporation, suggested that we constantly try unknown things and step out of the comfort zone. During the sharing process, students and teachers in the group also actively asked questions to their senior brothers and shared their stories. These experiences of continuous setbacks and struggles in the workplace will serve as an employment guide that constantly inspires the students in this group to make progress and become better themselves.

At the end of the activity, the students in the group took their alumni to visit the laboratory and the beautiful Jiangwan campus. We believe that as the contacts between graduates and the group continue to deepen, the scientific research work of this group will also prosper and have a promising future!