News & Views written by Professor Yanlei Yu on invitation published on Nature Materials
Time:2021-11-27        Views:111

Professor Yanlei Yu of our group published a News & Views titled 'Synchronized dancing under light' on Nature Materials on November 23, 2021, which commented the article titled 'Coupled liquid crystalline oscillators in Huygens' synchrony' published by Prof. Dirk J. Broer and Asst. Prof. Ghislaine Vantomme,  Eindhoven University of Technology; et al., on Nature Materials. This commentary mainly introduces that the photo-responsive liquid crystal networks (LCNs) fork-like films prepared by Broer et al. can display collectively synchronized oscillations under light irradiation. It is both experimentally and theoretically demonstrated that the energy transmission of coupled oscillations can also occur in soft polymers, which can be used in the research of advanced soft robots or sensors.

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