Graduation defense of the 24th session——Congratulations to the graduates of the 24th session!
Time:2024-05-25        Views:10

At 9:30 am on May 24, 2024, the 24th Ph.D./Master's Dissertation Defense Meeting of our group was held in Conference Room 221, Advanced Materials Building, Jiangwan Campus, Fudan University.

The defense committee is composed of Professor Xiaoyu Huang (Chairman) from Shanghai Institute of Organic Sciences, Professor Qian Zhao from Zhejiang University, Professor Xin Zhao from Donghua University, Professor Lidong Zhang from East China Normal University, Professor Mao Chen from Fudan University and Senior Engineer Bo Xu from Heda Company.

Jinlei Wang took the lead in the doctoral thesis defense. On the basis of the previous work of the research group, aiming at the problem that molecular orientation is difficult to maintain in the preparation of complex liquid crystal polymers, a new concept of optical intelligent shaping of liquid crystal polymers was proposed. A new liquid crystal polymer with photoinduced shape memory effect and photoinduced reversible deformation was prepared. The high precision liquid crystal actuator with complex three-dimensional structure and switching motion mode is constructed respectively, which provides the research basis for the preparation of multi-mode intelligent soft actuators. Wang Jinlei's rich work content during the doctoral period has been unanimously affirmed by the defense experts.

Subsequently, Menghan Zhang defended his master thesis and explained his photodeformable polyimide with stronger thermal and mechanical properties prepared by dianhydride monomer. By introducing dynamic hydrogen bond into photodeformable polyimide, the non-interference between flexible deformable function and rigid base property is realized. Zhang Menghan's work data are substantial and her report is thoughtful, which has been praised by the defense experts.

Congratulations to the graduates of the 24th session!