Representatives from Our Team Participated in the "2021 National Academic Symposium on Macromolecule" and Won the Excellent Poster Award
Time:2021-09-28        Views:131

The 2021 National Academic Symposium on Macromolecule was held in Beijing National Convention Center from September 22 to 26. Starting with the important role of macromolecule science and technology in the national economy and society in the new era, a concentrated display of the research achievements and development trends of macromolecule science and materials in China in recent years was made on the conference with the theme of 'Linking the Common Destiny of Mankind and Gathering Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation'.

On the conference, Professor Yanlei Yu of our group made an invitation report entitled 'Light triggered athermal shape memory behavior and 3D shape construction of liquid crystal polymers'. Dr. Lang Qin, a young teacher of our group, gave an oral report entitled 'Patterning of photonic crystals with helical superstructures'. Doctoral students Bo Peng, Yan Chen, Xuejie Sun and Yao Lu made poster presentations, respectively. Among them, the posters of Yan Chen and Bo Peng stood out among many submitted posters and won the Excellent Poster Award, which fully demonstrated the academic competence and elegance of the students in our group.