The launch meeting of the key special project under the National Key Research and Development Program "Active Health and Technological Response to Population Aging" was held at Fudan University
Time:2024-04-19        Views:10

On April 18, 2024, the launch meeting of the key special project 'Research and Application of New Technologies for Rapid Auxiliary Diagnosis of Elderly Multimorbidity' under the National Key Research and Development Program 'Active Health and Technological Response to Population Aging' was held at the Advanced Materials Building of Fudan University's Jiangwan Campus, where Fudan University serves as the leading unit for the project.

The meeting was attended by Director Zhao Kaili and Commissioner Wang Jiayi from the National Health Commission's Center for Development of Medical and Health Technology, Academician Shi Jianlin from the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Zhu Meifang from Donghua University, Chief Physician Liu Ligen from the Renji Hospital affiliated with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Chief Physician Jiang Hua from the Shanghai East Hospital, Chief Physician Yang Yang from the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital affiliated with Tongji University, Researcher Huang Xiaoyu from the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Qu Dahui from East China University of Science and Technology, and other project review experts. Yang Peng, Director of the Vertical Projects Department of Fudan University's Institute of Science and Technology Research, Vice Director Wang Hui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Department of Materials Science Gong Yi, Deputy Director Zhao Yan, as well as the leaders of various research topics and key members, attended the meeting. Gong Yi presided over the meeting.

During the meeting, Yang Peng first delivered a speech on behalf of Fudan University, expressing gratitude to the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Health Commission for their strong support during the project application process. He also congratulated the project team on successfully obtaining approval and stated that Fudan University would fully support the research work of the project team. Zhao Yan, representing the Department of Materials Science, emphasized the focus of the key R&D project on screening, monitoring, follow-up, and management needs of elderly multimorbidity. He highlighted the establishment of rapid auxiliary diagnostic new technologies based on all-optical controlled microfluidic chips to enhance the detection of elderly multimorbidity, potentially improving China's capacity to address elderly multimorbidity.

Subsequently, Zhao Kaili congratulated the project team on the successful approval and detailed the considerations and requirements during the project execution process. She encouraged all research personnel in the project team to use the project guidelines and task book as guidance, to organize and coordinate closely, and to work together to advance the integrated implementation of the project.

  As the project leader, Professor Yu Yanlei, Director of the Department of Materials Science at Fudan University, introduced the research objectives, content, overall requirements, key milestones of the project, and clarified the organizational management mechanism and communication and coordination mechanism of the project team. The project consists of 5 sub-projects, with the project leaders Professor Yu Yanlei, Researcher Cao Xin from Zhongshan Hospital affiliated with Fudan University, Chief Physician Zhang Qian from Peking University First Hospital, Chief Physician Wang Li from Ruijin Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, and Chief Physician Gao Yanhong from Xinhua Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, who successively provided detailed reports on the overall situation and implementation plans of their respective sub-projects.

  After listening to the reports, the attending experts provided valuable guidance and suggestions on key milestone controls, technical routes, progress arrangements, and other specific tasks during the project and sub-project implementation processes. They hoped that the project team would achieve innovative breakthroughs in the research and application of new technologies for rapid auxiliary diagnosis of elderly multimorbidity.

  Project Overview: The project aims to address the difficulties faced by elderly people in nursing homes and communities in seeking medical care. It involves developing a new technology based on photo-induced deformation materials for microfluidic control, combined with a highly sensitive new detection mode. The goal is to create a rapid self-testing technology capable of simultaneously detecting multiple physiological indicators, used for screening, monitoring, and follow-up of elderly multimorbidity. This initiative aims to enhance the technological and intelligent level of active health and elderly health services, while providing tools for large-scale disease screening and big data research.